• PV-Montage Schrägdach Trapezblech P-30

    PV - Mounting system

  • PV-Montage Modulklemme

    PV-Mounting moduleclamp

  • PV-Montage Pfannendach

    Pitched roof

  • PV-Montage Pfannendach

    Flat roof

  • PV-Montage Pfannendach

    Individual solutions

Dachhaken Schrägdach PV-Montage

Mounting system for photovoltaik plants DICONAL®

Fast, easy, fixed !

DICONAL® is the easy and rapid pv-mounting system. DICONAL® offers the best mounting solution for all sorts of applications and roofs. Pitched roof, flat roof, ground mounting or individual special solutions.

Pitched roof PV-MountingFlatroof PV-MountingIndividual solutions PV-Mounting

DICONAL® offers the perfect mounting product for every type of installation. For pantiled- and slate roofs, for sheet metal roofs such as trapezoidal and corrugated sheetings, elevation systems for flat roofs. Thanks to the patented connection technology the products are a 100% system compatibel, robust with checked security and safety standards and approval by DIBt® .

Easy, the layout

Planningtool for easy PV layout

DICONAL® Planningtool - Fast, Easy, Save ! Our planning application allows the complete Layout of a photovoltaik system in only approx. 10min. projectdata, selection of the components, layout, electric and project documentation.

Fast, the mounting

PV module clamp

The nucleus of the DICONAL® System is formed by the patented module clamp with three decisive advantages - it is easy, fast and offers secure hold. In 2009 the first installations showed that the time used for the mounting of the modules could be reduced by 63%.

Fixed and save!

Fixed = robust, secure and sustainable. The DICONAL® mounting system offers maximum security for all applications. The system components are perfectly coordinated, high quality and approved by DIBt®. The patented connection technology with one clamp, one profile cross-section and one connector guarantee that DICONAL® Products are 100% system compatible. Repurchase, repair and repowering are possible at any time.


  • Pitched     

    Pitched roof PV-Mounting
  • Flat      

    Flatroof PV-Mounting
  • Special   

    Individual solutions PV-Mounting

For all photovoltaik applications DICONAL® System offers the machting mounting solution for pitched roof, flat roof and special solutions.


  • Pantiled

    Pantiled roof pv-mounting
  • Sheet

    Sheet metal roof pv-mounting
  • Seam

    Standing seam roof pv mounting
  • Foil

    Foil roofing pv-mounting

Depending on the type of roofing DICONAL® offers the suitable roof connection or flat-lying mounting systems.

Mounting products

  • Mounts

    Roof connection
  • Profiles

    PV Mounting profiles
  • Clamps

    PV Module clamps
  • Elevation

    PV elevation

The elements of the DICONAL® PV-mounting systems are pre mounted. Module clamps and mounting profiles are 100% system compatibel.

Roof hook DHP

Dachhaken Schrägdach PV-Montage

Short profile sections P-30

PV-Montage Schrägdach Trapezblech P-30


PV-Montage Schrägdach Trapezblech P-mini

Sliding support GH

GH Gleithalter Schrägdach PV-Montage

Flatroof low ballast FD-OW (east-west)

Aufständerung Ost-West Flachdach PV-Montage

Flatroof low ballast FD-S (south)

Aufständerung Süd Flachdach PV-Montage

Elevation AS-1100

AS-1100 Aufständerung PV-Montage


AS-1100 Aufständerung PV-Montage

Hanger bolts S-10

Stockschrauben PV-Montage

Kalzip® clamp

Falzklemmen PV-Montage

Standing seam clamp

Falzklemmen PV-Montage